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Meet Jill Duson

Jill Duson chairs the Portland City Council Housing Committee. She has served two terms as Mayor of Portland and 16 years as your At-Large City Councilor.

Maine Clean Elections The way politics should be!

Maine voters passed the Maine Clean Election Act (MCEA) by citizen initiative in 1996.  The MCEA established a program to provide public financing of political campaigns for candidates running for Governor, State Senator, and State Representative.

To qualify for MCEA funding, candidates must demonstrate viability by inspiring a specified number of individual voters to donate $5 to Maine Clean Elections.  These $5 qualifying contributions can be made online, or by check or money order made payable to the Maine Clean Election Fund.

Candidates who apply may accept very limited private contributions at the beginning of their campaigns (seed money contributions) until they receive the first distribution of MCEA funds. After a candidate qualifies to receive MCEA public funds, she cannot accept private campaign contributions, and almost all goods and services must be paid for with MCEA funds.